Station to Women Cougars

The women’s press speaks only of them: the cougars, these women of 40-50 years, crisp young men, loudly proclaiming their strength of seduction and their right to pleasure. But here are some excellent reasons not to give in to the transformation into a sexual predator. You can also go through


Cougar and toyboy

They are everywhere. Cannot open a women’s press title without falling on the Cougars. Who has not yet heard of these crunchy young males of 40-50 years who appear on the arms of men who could be their sons? The cougar – the name of a North American puma, we learn – assumes its sexuality and claims the right to pleasure. What places it, she thinks, to the equal of the man of his age – this infamous hunter of midwives – she abandons for a younger counterpart in his head … and in his body. A true parity revolution, we are assured! It is true that it has long poorly been seen for a woman – and this continues anyway – to have an affair with a man younger than her. A taboo that cougars shatter. Is. But how to hang an umpteenth “cub” – the target of the cougars: the lion cub, also called … “toy boy” (all is said!) – a hunting table does it advance parity? Although … Women can now claim to be no longer the only ones to be considered objects. A point everywhere.

On the hunt

But far from us the idea of pitying us on the fate of these young ephebes. More and more of them would be looking for the company of mature, mature women. The fantasy of the experienced woman? Explanation: around 40-50 years, the woman would be at the peak of her sex life. Exit, therefore, the idea that the sexuality of the forty years would be a little subject seller. Today, the cougar phenomenon is a media reality, competing with foreign brides (Read more about the cost to find a foreign bride). And not only in the United States, from where he landed. So much so that the forty-year-old lambda is dreaming, too, of Ashton Kutcher, the husband of Demi Moore, a figurehead of the Cougars, 16 years his junior, or Arnaud Lemaire, 20 years younger than his partner, Claire Chazal. Read more about What is cougar dating.

After all, why not her? Everywhere, we invite him to assume his sexual power and seductive power. And to hunt the youngster. But how? Above all, do not panic! Dedicated dating sites are there for that. First of them:, launched last March. “A dating site for liberated women. Who warns the cubs: “Single men, beware: a Madonna or a half Moore sleeps in every 40-year-old woman! You may be the new prey of a cougar. How are you in your forties and you do not shudder at the idea of dating a young pubescent post? Do you not have an unrestrained libido? Unbelievable!