Now available: Slapstick #10

Contents include
  • "Some Job - Film Career of Fay Tincher" by Steve Massa, 14 pages
  • "Edited by (And Sometimes Featuring) Richard Currier" by Jim Kerkhoff, 6 pages
  • "Eddie LeVeque - Keeper of the Keystone Flame. Part II: The Return of the Keystone Kops", by Michael Campino, 7 pages
  • "Ben Turpin Filmography" by Steve Rydzewski, 8-1/2 pages
  • Alice Lake admits It's A Hard Life" in a 1918 article reprint
...and more, featuring many rare illustrations packed in 44 pages from cover-to-cover. Well researched and illustrated with many rare photos. Price still only $8.50 postpaid shipped anywhere within the US. Drop Steve a line for additional rates.

Back Issues: Table of Contents

#1 Cover: Ben Turpin For Arts Sake, Ben Turpin Biography The Early Years by Steve Rydzewski (11ps); Breakfast with Ben Turpin 1922 article reprint (2ps); Each Fault a Virtue 1925 Turpin article reprint (1pg); c/o Ben Turpin, Genius contemporary appraisal by William T. Sherman (1pg); The Man Who Directs the Komic Kops-Walter Wright 1917 article reprint (2pgs); The Hard-Luck Twins 1919 Turpin/Charlie Lynn article reprint (1pg); script: Ben Turpin's Sennett short Two Tough Tenderfeet (7 pgs); Madeline Hurlock The Pathe Vamp by Steve Rydzewski (6 pgs)
#2 Cover: Larry Semon Turpin part 2 Essanay (5pgs); Scipt: Sennett-Paramount's Ford Sterling short Among Those Present 1919 (6pgs); A Flyer in Art 1923 Lloyd Hamilton article reprint (3pgs); Larry Semon-How Many Times Did He Die? An Investigation Into the Possibility of a Faked Death by Claudia Sassen (4pgs); Semon Filmography Part 1 (6pgs); F. Richard Jones-A Master of Comedy 1921 article reprint (2pgs); Paramount-Sennett Comedies Filmography Part 1 (5pgs).
#3 Cover Mary Thurman Readers' letters (2pgs); Turpin Part 3 Vogue (5pgs); 1915 letter from Rube Miller (1pg); A Modest Clown 1925 Harry Langdon article reprint (3pgs); Mary Thurman bio by Lisa Huber, grand niece of the actress (10pgs); Chaplin Keystone Filmography by Phil Posner (6pgs); The Two Faces of Fritz Schade by Bo Berglund (2pgs); Script: Our Gang's The Holy Terror 1929 (6pgs).
#4 Cover: Alice Howell Letters (2pg); Alice Howell bio & filmography by Steve Massa (8pgs); Eva Nelson by Bo Berglund (1pg); Fred Fishback by Bo Berglund (2pgs); Larry Semon Filmography Part 2 (12pgs) and Larry in Paperland (5pgs) by Claudia Sassen; Ben Turpin Part 4 Mack Sennett by Steve Rydzewski (7pgs).
#5 Cover: Lige Conley Lige Conley bio and filmography by Brent Walker (13pgs); Dick Sutherland by Greg Travis (6pgs); Alice Howell Revisited additions to his previous story by Steve Massa; Letters (1pg); Walter Forde bio and filmography by Jean-Jacques Couderc (2pgs); Larry Semon- Rediscoveries and Rectifications by Claudia Sassen (4pgs); Script: Laurel and Hardy's Hats Off (4pgs).
#6 Cover: Tweedy Tweedy's Tangled Tale bio and filmography on Manuel Fernandez Perez by Steve Massa (10pgs); Tweedledum and Tweedledee by Oma Moody Lawrence, 1916 article reprint (1pg); What's New in Slapstick! (1pg); Lucille Carlisle-A Leading Lady bio and filmography by Claudia Sassen (6pgs); Victor Potel by David L. Smith (4pgs); Ben Turpin at Mack Sennett Part Two by Steve Rydzewski (10pgs); Paramount-Mack Sennett Comedy filmography continued from second issue (3pgs).
#7 Cover: Jess Dandy Alice Howell and Marcel Perez Update by Steve Massa (3pgs); What's New in Slapstick! (1pg); Letters (1pg); Harold Lloyd at Mack Sennett-An Incomplete Filmography by Georges D'Acunto (1pg); Hal Haig Prieste- The Last Keystone Kop by Michael Campino (5pgs);Frame Enlargements from the Rediscovered Semon Comedies by Claudia Sassen (1pg); Ted Edwards and Charles Lakin-A Tale of Two Forgotten Keystone Players including filmography by Brent Walker (6pgs); Jess Dandy Remembered by Barbara Danzig (3pgs); The Latest on the New and Improved Version of "The Cook" by Elif Rongen-Kaynakci (1pg); Our Versatile Comedians-Film Comedy of Every Trade and Profession as Exemplified by Ham and Bud 1917 article reprint (3pgs); Billy Ritchie 1915 article reprint (1pg); Ben Turpin-Mack Sennett and Beyond Part Three by Steve Rydzewski (7pgs).
#8 Cover: George Rowe Harold Lloyd's Birthplace to Become Museum by Lon and Debra Davis (1pg); George Rowe the Cock-eyed Wonder by Steve Massa (8pgs); The Memoirs of Marie Mosquini edited by Cole Johnson (7pgs); Pride of the Clan on Eddie Quillan 1929 article reprint (3pgs); Victor Moore's Comedies 1917 article reprint (1pg); What's New in Slapstick! (1pg); Surviving Roach Films by Joe Moore (2pgs).
#9 Cover: Jimmy Adams Jimmie Adams by Tommie Hicks, Jr.; Eddie LeVeque, Keeper of the Keystone Flame by Michael Campino; Mabel Normand's Molly 'O by William Thomas Sherman; From the Semon Family Album by Claudia Sassen Steve Massa updates us on his previous Slapstick! articles on George Rowe, Marcel Perez, and Alice Howell Cole Johnson with the continuation of the Marie Mosquini autobiography For Arts Sake, the final chapter of Steve Rydzewski's Turpin biography and more.

Slapstick! can be ordered from Steve Rydzewski .

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